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About the Book

A classic southern tale of backroom deals, tainted honor, dysfunctional family, high-stakes greed—and everyday heroism—from the New York Times–bestselling author.

Mississippi sheriff Quinn Colson had to admit he admired the bank robbers. A new bank was hit almost every week, and the robbers rushed in and out with such skill and precision it reminded him of raids he’d led back in Afghanistan and Iraq when he was an army ranger. In fact, it reminded him so much of the techniques in the Ranger Handbook that he couldn’t help wondering if the outlaws were former Rangers themselves.

And that was definitely going to be a problem. If he stood any chance of catching them, he was going to need the help of old allies, new enemies, and a lot of luck. The enemies he had plenty of. It was the allies and the luck that were going to be in woefully short supply.


“With terrific, inflected characters and a dark, subtle sense of place and history, these are exceptional novels.” 

—John Sandford


“Quinn Colson is my kind of guy. I would follow him anywhere.” 

—Lee Child


“In Quinn Colson, bestselling author Ace Atkins has created an American hero in a time when we need him.” 

—C. J. Box


“Atkins delivers another rousing thriller. The Innocents moves at a brisk pace through Mississippi backroads to diners and cigar bars where deals are made but not always carried out. Atkins allows Quinn to make mistakes and have foibles, making him an even more complex character.” 

—Associated Press


“The rough-and-tumble relationship between two tough-as-nails officers and the place they love provides plenty of action [and] well-developed characters.” 

Kirkus Reviews